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Are you looking to venture into the world of web blogging to earn money through platforms like Google AdSense or Coinzilla? Look no further than Blogy99 – your ultimate destination for all things related to monetizing your blog. At Blogy99, we offer comprehensive A-to-Z services at an affordable cost, ensuring that you have everything you need to kickstart your blogging journey and start earning. CheckOut Now


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Choose a domain name

You will receive a form to register the name of your preferred website.Simply, you can choose your domain.

Wordpress Webhosting

You will receive WordPress hosting along with an email address associated with your domain.

Customized website

You will receive a fully customized WordPress website with all features included. You can request a demo link to preview and assess it.

SEO customization

We'll tailor all fundamental SEO settings to match your website's name, ensuring Google can easily identify it. Updates to your website will directly impact its visibility in Google search results, alleviating any concerns about your website's Google ranking.

More than 1000 Backlink

Your selected website will benefit from the creation of over 1000 backlinks from high-authority websites. This backlink strategy will significantly improve your website's Google ranking, proving to be an effective method for securing a top position.

2000 Article titles

If you have ideas for your article's theme, please let us know, and we'll supply you with over 2000 article titles related to that theme. Simply paste these titles into our AI article generator, and it will craft an article for you.

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One of the hardest parts of blogging is coming up with good content. That's where we come in. We'll give you more than 2000 article titles tailored to your blog's topic. And if you're not sure how to turn those titles into articles, don't worry. We have an AI article generator built into our website admin. Just paste the titles, and it'll create articles for you.Read More

Watch our video to see how our AI article generator works.

Blogy99. Total Web Solution

Let's have a personal conversation, and one of our staff members will serve as your dedicated guide until the end of the support period. Simply purchase our package, and we'll ensure everything is completed on schedule. If you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or open a support ticket for prompt assistance.
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